Soundproof garden room studio, fully kitted and fitted. Perfect for musicians or DJS!

Sound travels through the air in waves, those waves cause the objects they come into contact with to vibrate. When a sound is loud enough, those vibrations travel through walls, floors and ceilings, transferring sound to surrounding areas which can be annoying for your neighbours!. At Garden Rooms Dublin, we are experts at ensuring that your garden room recording studios and music rooms are built in a way that minimises sound escaping while still preserving the highest finish and standards.

Talk to Garden Rooms Dublin today and tell us what level of sound reduction you require and we will supply it in an attractive garden building at the lowest price possible, bespoke, turnkey and guaranteed. The end result will be a fully fitted out sound studio to enable you to start recording in your own garden without having to worry about your neighbours!

Our contemporary Garden Rooms create individually designed garden buildings, giving you the extra space you, your family or your business requires, often without the need for planning permission.

From the initial design consultation right through to the final build stage; we’ll listen to your ideas and guide you through the entire build process.

All of our master craftsmen are highly trained and experienced which ensures the most professional of finishes for each and every garden room we design & build.