Garden room office and gym installation and build service

Garden room office and gym installation and build service

Garden room office and gym installation and build company

The Covid-19 outbreak and lockdown has found the population of Ireland having to remain in their houses with free movement restricted in an effort to curb the increased spread of the virus. Going to the office, running your business or going to the gym have all been limited or stopped entirely. A great option for those finding themselves in this position is a home office, garden room and gym installation combination. Our units are fully bespoke and built with the clients requirements in mind. The units come fully fitted with all services installed and ready for use.

A home office/garden room/gym can provide a much safer alternative for you and your family and allows you to continue your daily routine as much as possible while also being mindful of current travel and work restrictions in existence in Ireland at the moment. Our three main products include but are not limited to the following builds and use.

Garden Rooms

A traditional garden room build can offer your family and friends a unique ensuite room to stay in when they visit, separate from the house offering privacy in unique and tranquil settings.

Garden Room Gyms

A home garden room/gym combo from Garden Rooms Dublin is ideal for the regular gym goes or for families who want to keep their family members fit during the current lockdown and allows the family to interact with each other in a fun and healthy way.

Garden Room office/gym combo

This build offers an ideal balance between work and play. The garden room itself can also be sectioned if required and offers dedicated office and gym space all under one roof. All gym equipment and exercise machines are provided and installed through our trusted partners Tone At Home and Fitness Plus, one of Ireland’s leading fitness equipment hire and sales.. The exercise machines are fully installed and all customers receive a free demonstration and advice from one of their experienced installers.

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